Great News from Baqee Organization

Assalam-Alaikum to All:

By the Grace of fourteen Masumeen and under the ever present Divine help from Shehzadi e Konain (sa) your Baqee Organization is pleased to announce to the community at large that we have been granted NGO status in the United Nations Economic  and Social Affairs Division, this special consultative status awarded to us has many benefits that can help us further our noble cause and our main demand of Rebuilding Jannut-ul Baqee InshaAllah.

Among the many benefits that come with this status we also get to use the UN platform for speaking out our cause and network with like Organizations to add further impetus to our Principled stand. We thank our community and all the volunteers who have selflessly worked with all of us to make this a reality.

Baqee Organization also would like to take this opportunity to thank all Momineen and Mominaat who came out in droves to make this year's Protest a very successful one and as always helped raised the voice of truth and justice against the brutality and oppression of the Saudi regime and its state sponsored Wahhabi cult. 

This year by the grace of Allah and Chardah Masumeen there were Protests and Rallies all over the world and specifically at the border of Iraq and Saudi Arabia where Baqee Organization was present and concluded a highly successful Rally. 

As always we are eternally thankful and grateful to each and every one of you and while we may thank you here but your true rewards are with Shehzadi (sa) and you will all definitely receive Ajar e Azeem from her.

With Regards and Duas,

Baqee Organization. 

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